Become a partner

4 good reasons to become a partner

Banks, investment funds, business angels, venture capital investors, become our partner. We are looking for financial partners who wish to make profitable investments, in innovative and diverse companies

1- Access viable and promising projects

We identify the best entrepreneurs and business projects nationally and internationally in a wide range of sectors. We give you access to them.

2- Make profitable investments

Benefit from an attractive return on investment (ROI) and diluted risk by controlling the use made of your investments.

3- Rely on a reliable and competent team

We have the operational experience and strategic skills to achieve the objectives set by the companies we finance.

4- Contribute to the economic development of the world

Invest today and help build your partnerships and your customers of tomorrow!
BESOIN DE CREDIT offers a full range of products and services related to financial advisory and fundraising services to its clientele made up of companies, and individuals who choose them for their knowledge, their spirit of innovation and his experience in the following main financial sectors:
    • Make your choice among the projects preselected by BESOIN DE CREDIT
    • Meet the project leaders at your convenience.
    • Commit, for a minimum number of proposed projects, to invest a percentage of BESOIN DE CREDIT’s investment.
    • Co-define the conditions and guarantees requested from project leaders.
    • Participate in the co-management of the company if you wish, by sharing your address book and your skills according to your availability.

Have all the cards in hand for the choice of the projects that you finance!

Financial partners, we give you access to the best entrepreneurs and business projects.
By becoming financial partners
Non-financial partnership offers also exist and are aimed at players wishing to support us by sharing their address books, their communication windows (website, newspapers, events, etc.) and their resources (documentation, premises, materials…)