Who are we?

BESOIN DE CREDIT offers a full range of products and services related to financial advisory and fundraising services to its clientele made up of companies, and individuals who choose them for their knowledge, their spirit of innovation and his experience in the following main financial sectors:
    • Placement and business services.
    • Capital markets
    • Interest rates, currencies and derivatives
    • Commodities
    • Long term loans
    • Short term loans
    • Credit repurchase
    • Project financing
    • Investment
    • Auto loans
    • Home loans
    • Personal loans
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Each area is essential for our clients to receive the right strategic advice and the capital they need to achieve their goals
We also assist our clients in the realization of their personal project thanks to our team of advisers available 24/7. In addition, the credits that you get from us are always accompanied by a deferred repayment from 3 to 12 This gives the time necessary for our clients to implement their projects in order to make them viable and to prepare themselves adequately for the monthly payments to be made towards us in order to repay their loans.
We are proud of our ability to help our customers through their credit needs and to provide them with rigorous assistance and monitoring in order to have a lasting and qualitative impact on the lives of their families and those around them. We combine offers of credits studied and adapted to the conditions of our customers with our experienced staff in order to provide maximum satisfaction.
Building on many years of results, we have developed considerable strengths, including recognized brokerage expertise and practical knowledge of the capital market, which we use to consistently create value for our clients. We stay close of our customers to understand their current and future needs. Then, working as an integrated team, we offer innovative solutions. We are loyal to this approach because we understand that we must deserve the trust you place in us in every team and in every mandate.
Although our main activity is investment and project and business financing, our main and fundamental objective is to provide our customers with the best possible service. A quality customer service policy is one of our missions since the creation of our Structure Led by a determined management team, each of our collaborators works with abnegation and passion to help clients optimally and they are also trained to make them take full advantage of all our offers. BESOIN DE CREDIT employee is able to listen to each of our customers' needs and guide them in choosing the best and most suitable offer for their life plan and projects.
Our ability to focus entirely on the needs and desires of customers in order to satisfy them adequately and to be constantly listening to them allows our Structure to stand out from our competitors. We understand that our customers want to obtain credible, reliable information, to be supported during the end-to-end process and in the long term obtain credits adapted to a simple and easy procedure and which correspond to their current conditions. We use advanced technologies in the communication with our customers to make exchanging information easy and interactive. We strive to make you have the most pleasant experiences with us so that for each need in the future we are your priority as you are for us. .